2018 Bristol RC Race Performances

We want to check we've taken account of everyone in the British Cycling Points calculations for 2018, this includes road, circuit, track and cyclo-cross.  Please let Brian know if you either have points and are not on the list below or, have a different number of points as shown in the list or if there are any other errors. Email Brian at brian.okelly@bristolroadclub.com.


Many congratulations to George and Shaun in moving up to First Category riders this season following some great performances across the year. George has had an especially busy year racing abroad for several months with great success. They are very close on points and may not have them all awarded on BC yet, so please let us know.


Also forward any results in LVRC and TLI races so I can accurately calculate overall performances.


Many of you have had a very successful year in Time Trials and Triathlons, so please can you forward details of:

  • Your two fastest ‘10’ times, the events, courses and dates.

  • Your single fastest ‘25’ time, the event, course and date.

  • Your single fastest ‘50’ time, the event and date.

  • Your fastest Triathlon times and distances, the event and date.

  • Your best placing in a TT or Triathlon.

Remember Club Annual Dinner and Awards on Saturday 24th November, details at http://www.bristolroadclub.com/annual-dinner
British Cycling Points breakdown for Bristol RC
NameMember StatusTotal BC PointsRoad TotalRoad RegionRoad Nat'lRoad OtherCX/MTBNo. RR'sWins RoadWins CX
George BazleyFirst Claim24121346739428351 
Shaun CookFirst Claim2112111056937153
James PhillipsFirst Claim1961961394710771
Andy EdwardsFirst Claim1731127528961911
Tom SharpFirst Claim85858581
Colin ParryFirst Claim616129102282
Jenny HudsonSecond Claim5050508
Patrick HenryFirst Claim4242424 
John RussellFirst Claim414140151
Clair WaddenFirst Claim410412
Krispin GardinerFirst Claim3131314 
Fiona ReddingSecond Claim31313114
Christopher HillFirst Claim2929294 
Stuart HardyFirst Claim21212141
Sebastien BernaertFirst Claim20202042
Madeline MooreSecond Claim191919
Ben DavisFirst Claim17173143
Brian O'KellyFirst Claim1414 142
Chris DownhamFirst Claim121212
Rob HandleyFirst Claim12121221
Robin HuntFirst Claim1111473
Adam FletcherFirst Claim88 84
Steve ThomasSecond Claim88812
Tom BrookesFirst Claim7778
Will BudgeFirst Claim5557
Chris Bowie-HillFirst Claim444
Alistair MykuraFirst Claim333
Graham ReevesFirst Claim2222
Benedict WallisFirst Claim2211
Stuart McCombieFirst Claim111