2018 Bristol RC TT and Tri Performances

Many of you have had a very successful year in Time Trials and Triathlons, so please review the times detailed below as well as number of wins and podium places.

Please let Brian know of any additions, corrections or updates with an email to brian.okelly@bristolroadclub.com.
NameCategory10102550Sprint TriHalf IronmanIronmanWinsPodium
George BazleyMen Junior20:3520:4532
Ross PhelpsMen Over2320:3721:0304:48:2832
Simon WardMen 40+20:5021:2701:00:2512
Andy EdwardsMen 40+21:1521:305
James PhillipsMen Over2321:2049:271
Tom SharpMen Over2321:54
John RussellMen 40+22:1622:23
Jake SargentMen U2322:4023:13
Casimir LudwigMen 40+22:4401:01:27
Krispin GardinerMen Junior23:0823:211
Daniel WestMen 40+23:3224:05
Jenny Hudson (2up)Men 40+23:55
Ali Cameron (2up)Women Over2323:55
Russ TurnerMen 40+23:5904:57:26
Rob HandleyMen Over2324:12
Brian O’KellyMen 60+24:1724:56
Heather PriceWomen 40+24:3625:1102:23:2301:02:522
Will BudgeMen Over2324:39
Sarah WestWomen 50+25:19
Geoff RipleyMen Over2325:4226:14
Jules HadleyMen 40+25:54
Ian GaffneyMen Over2304:48:0609:51:04
Gwen BevanWomen 50+04:53:3512