The Chain Gang/ Through-and-off/ Pace Line

Two lines of riders with equal numbers in each line.  One faster line sheltered from the wind (by the slower line) will be the pace setting line... line 1The slower line we call the recovery line... line 2.

The chain goes clockwise or anti-clockwise depending on the wind direction, to give shelter to the faster line. On a tempo chaingang we will usually have the outside line as the faster line - as this works better in traffic.

Ride smoothly, keep the group together...the best chain gangs have the smoothest riders.

You change speed when you reach “line 2– slowing down (by about 1 mph) once you’ve changed lines at the front, and you accelerate slightly in order to rejoin the pace setting line... line 1 at the back. This is the only time you should accelerate.

Remember...ride smoothly, keep the group together.

Moving across when at the front...
Take a nice shallow line from line 1 into line 2 so that the lead rider in line 1 can latch onto your wheel easily. A sharp line across will put you into the front wheel of the preceding don't want that!  Don't increase your pace or accelerate, just ride through maintaining the pace of the line.  Increasing the pace, or surging through at the front is strictly a no-no, this will disrupt the don't do it!