Severn Bridge RR 2011 Riders

The 2011, 39th edition of the Severn Bridge/Felt Bicycles Road Race takes place on Sunday March 6th.  Entries closed on 13th February 2011. See British Cycling website link for details, or if you have any questions please email Scroll down to see list of riders.
Listen to the Bristol Radio interview with Ali Vowles which took place at 6.21am on Sat 5 March, on BBC iPlayer at
The previous event organiser, Richard Jarrold, is still actively involved in this years event and responsible for arranging sponsors, marshals and motorcycle outriders, etc., so please stay in touch with him as you have done in previous years.
The race has been extremely popular this year and we received more than 120 entries, so sincere apologies to those of you that we had to return entries to.
The race programme is now available to download from the following link.  Severn Bridge RR Programme The hardcopy programme has also been posted on 1st March to all riders or their team manager.
There is one rider change which means the hardcopy programme is incorrect and the download is correct.  Rider 15 is Jon Tiernan-Locke (Rapha-Condor-Sharpe).  Also reserves are reduced to 14.

The race HQ is at Olveston Sports and Social Club, Alveston Road, Old Down, Olveston, South Gloucestershire, formerly called the Queen Alexandra Memorial Pavilion, Old Down.  The best postcode to use for your SatNav is BS32 4PA (but not perfect), however you will find it at the intersection of Old Down Hill, Foxholes Lane and Alveston Road.  The race starts at 11.00am.

There is a prize fund of £1100 with sponsorship from Saddleback, Argos Racing Cycles, Blast Bikes, Avon Valley Cyclery, Mud Dock, Printech, Signboard and Academy Eyewear. 
First Prize is £250 cash from Saddleback with prizes down to 10th place.  Other prize categories are 1st place prizes for Best Team (3 riders), KOM, U23, Local Rider, Junior, 2nd Cat, 3rd Cat and Lantern Rouge.
Rider details are shown below.  The field size is 80 riders with 14 reserves.  All reserves from 91-94 have the option to elect to withdraw and receive a refund.  If you wish to do this, please email
No. Name Cat Key Club/Team
1 Phill Sykes E   Sigma Sport Specialized CT
2 Simon Richardson E  L Sigma Sport Specialized CT
3 Steve Lampier E   Sigma Sport Specialized CT
4 James Dobbin 2 L Adeo Cadence RT
5 Karl Hine 2 L Adeo Cadence RT
6 Thomas Marshall 2 U23 L Adeo Cadence RT
7 Robert Gough 2 L Adeo Cadence RT
8 Ben Anstie 2 L Adeo Cadence RT
9 Paul Derrick 2 L BadTri Fred Baker Cycles
10 James Wilson 2
11 Stuart Thompson 2
12 Chris Snook 2
13 Matt Rowe E U23 Cycle Premier-Metaltak
14 Dale Appleby E   Cycle Premier-Metaltak
15 Jon Tiernan-Locke E Rapha-Condor-Sharp
16 Pete Wager E   Felt-Colbornes RT
17 Richard Mardle 1   Felt-Colbornes RT
18 Justin Hoy E   Felt-Colbornes RT
19 Tom Smith 1   Felt-Colbornes RT
20 Robert Orr 1   Forme Procycliste SanLamere
21 Jack Adams E   Forme Procycliste SanLamere
22 Will Fox E U23 Forme Procycliste SanLamere
23 Dexter Gardias 1 U23 Forme Procycliste SanLamere
24 Adam Rayner 1 U23 Forme Procycliste SanLamere
25 Richard Bott E   Herbalife/Wheelbase
26 Dillon Byrne E U23 Herbalife/Wheelbase
27 Andy Coupe E   Herbalife/Wheelbase
28 Jon Pain 1
29 Martin Ford E   Mammoth Lifestyle RT
30 Russell Falder 1 U23 Mammoth Lifestyle RT
31 William Bjergfelt E L Motorpoint Pro Cycling
32 Marcin Bialoblocki E   Motorpoint Pro Cycling
33 Lee Davis E   Motorpoint Pro Cycling
34 Zak Dempster E   Rapha-Condor-Sharp
35 Casey Munro E   Rapha-Condor-Sharp
36 Simon Gaywood E   Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Mavic
37 Richard Cartland 1   Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Mavic
38 Ashley Cox E   Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Mavic
39 Matthew Higgins 1   Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Mavic
40 James Millard E   Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Mavic
41 Luke Dunbar 2 U23 L Team Qoroz
42 Matthew Ullmer 2 U23 Team Qoroz
43 Tom Stockdale 1 U23 Team Qoroz
44 Michael Thelwell 2 U23 Team Qoroz
45 Ben Stockdale 1 U23 Team Qoroz
46 Dan Fleeman E   Team Raleigh
47 Liam Holohan 1   Team Raleigh
48 Matt Jones E U23 Team Raleigh
49 Gael Le Bellec 1 U23 Team Raleigh
50 Matt Gee 1 U23 Team Raleigh
51 George Richardson 2   Team Tor/Kalas/Overt Locke
52 Phil Borrett 2   Team Tor/Kalas/Overt Locke
53 Josh Yetman 2 U23 Team Tor/Kalas/Overt Locke
54 Magnus Backstedt E   Team UK Youth
55 James Stewart E   Team UK Youth
56 Greg Mansell 3   Team UK Youth
57 Filip Rudenstam 1   Team UK Youth
58 Frederik Johansson E   Team UK Youth
59 Ben Simmons 1   Team Wiggle
60 Henry Newbury 1 U23 VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles
61 Robert Ward 2 U23 VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles
62 Max Webber 2 U23 VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles
63 Leyton Fleet 2   VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles
64 Simon Brooks E   VC St Raphael/Waite Contracts/Hewitt Cycles
65 Toby Eichler 2 L Velo Club Montpellier
66 Jeremy Addis 2   Velo Club Montpellier
67 Wayne Coombs 1   Velo Club Montpellier
68 Hugh Wilson 1   Wilier/LifeCare/
69 Colin Parry E   Wilier/LifeCare/
70 Blake Pond E   Wilier/LifeCare/
71 Grant Bayton E   Wilier/LifeCare/
72 John Whittington 1 U23 L CNP Orbea
73 Samuel Anstice 2 J Cwmcarn Paragon
74 Elliot Davis 2 L GB Fire Service
75 Duncan Jamieson 2
76 Junior Heffernan 1 U23 Primal Europe/Rutt
77 Adam Bright 1   Revo Racing
78 Robert Edgell 2 U23 L Somer Valley CC
79 George Moore 1 J CC Giro
80 Steve Thomas 3 L Bristol Road Club
81 Ian Knight 1   Team Corley Cycles/Cervelo/Mavic
82 Gruff Lewis 2   Team UK Youth
83 Rob Yeatman 2 J Team Jewson/Thule/Kinesis/CNP/MI Racing
84 Andrew Hitchens 2   Mid Devon CC
85 Jerry Rayner 2 Somer Valley CC
86 Mark Baines 2   Spirit Racing
87 Chris Seviour 3 U23  Team UK Youth
88 Scott Law 2 U23 Team Qoroz
89 David McGowan 1 Team UK Youth
90 Liam Glen 3 U23 L University of Bath Cycling Club
91 Benjamin Pearce 3   Andover Wheelers
92 Conor Ryan 3 U23 Velo Club Montpellier
93 Oliver Graham 2 U23 Private member
94 John Russell 3 L BadTri Fred Baker Cycles