Severn Bridge RR Course Map - Stowey Hill Circuit for 2015

43rd Severn Bridge - BW Cycling RR
Sunday 1st March 2015                                                                                                                                                         
Race HQ, Bishop Sutton AFC, Lakeview, Wick Road, Bishop Sutton, Bristol BS39 5XN                                                                               
Start 11:00 am - Finish 1:45 pm approx                                                                                                                               
100km: 10 laps Stowey Hill, Clutton, Chelwood roundabout circuit
Finish at Herriot's Bridge, Chew Valley lake
This is a very challenging circuit and will involve 10 ascents of Stowey Hill which is an average 7% for 1km.

Circuit description
HQ Bishop Sutton AFC hall, (GR 581593, postcode BS39 5XN) neutralised dir NE on A368 to outskirts of village. Turn R (M) at Stowey Hill onto uncl. (GR 596601). Start here (GR 596601)(M), uphill to KOM at top (GR 602589)(M). Continue east to Clutton, turn L (M) onto A37 (GR 619589). North to Chelwood R/A (GR 624618) turn L (M) onto A368 and return to base of Stowey Hill (GR590601) turn L (M) and repeat this circuit. Total of 10 laps (10.5 km each).
After 10th lap continue on A368 in through of Bishop Sutton to finish past village at Herriot’s Bridge (GR 572582).