Team BRC 2018 Season

Hello BRC and well done to everyone that has competed this year, it has really been memorable!


In anticipation of the Club Dinner on Saturday 24th November, you can view the Bristol RC Trophy winners at this link and if you have any questions, please let me know.


It has been an incredible year of success for the club in many disciplines of the sport, including Road Racing, Time Trial, Cyclo-Cross, Hill Climb and Triathlon. On the road we had the South Region won quite early in the season beating the runner up, Sotonia CC, by over 300 points.  You can see the breakdown at this link:


We have 26 club members that won British Cycling Points during the year which included Regional and National Road & Track and Cyclo-Cross. However Cyclo-Cross doesn’t get recognised in Road Track so worth noting that Clair Wadden, Andy Edwards and George Bazley won 130 points between them in CX, which won’t be shown against the South Region Standings.  We’ve also had some good results in LVRC and TLI events.


On the Road it was a 3 way race between George Bazley, Shaun Cook and James Phillips, with George just taking it from Shaun with a lunge for the line! However both moved up to First Category riders with over 200 points each, so big congratulations to them. James can console himself with 8 wins though. 

Although we didn’t have any women doing road racing this year, we hope that will improve next year with a few new prospects coming through.

You can see all BRC member race performances at the two links below.


Overall BRC had 20 road wins and 13 TT and Triathlon wins over the year, plus a few hill climb wins. To be honest it’s been a struggle to keep track of the successes, so please forgive me if I’ve missed any, but do let me know.


In TT’s, we had James breaking the 50min barrier for a 25TT. In the 10TT, we had George, Ross Phelps and Simon Ward getting into 20mins. In Triathlon, Gwen Bevan moved to half ironman and in her age group won the British Champs followed by silver medals in the English Nationals and European Champs, fantastic Gwen!

For the men, some great Ironman and half Ironman times from Ian Gaffney, Ross Phelps and Russ Turner.


Finally I must mention Hill Climbs as Phil Stonelake has just finished an impressive year finishing 2nd overall in the WTTA Hill Climb Series out of 331 riders, as well as being 1st Vet. Also Steve Thomas finished 13th  and 4th Vet.  You can get full results at


Congratulations to everyone at Bristol RC on a great year!